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DC Blocks

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BroadWave designs, manufactures, and markets DC Blocks and other coaxial RF components that are ideally suited for test & verification, and system integration. With frequency ranges of DC to 18GHz, our accessories offer consistent performance at a low cost with an emphasis on performance and configuration flexibility.

  • Models up to 18GHz
  • SMA, N, and BNC connector

(SMA/SMA) (50 Ohms)
Spec Sheet
Model #
Configuration Description
med-0461Outline Drawing 851-138-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-3000MHz, 200Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0461Outline Drawing 851-144-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-3000MHz, 200Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0461Outline Drawing 851-156-BLKSpec Sheet outer 10MHz-2000MHz, 50Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0829Outline Drawing 851-008-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-18GHz, 200Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0213Outline Drawing 851-031-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-6GHz, 100Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0056Outline Drawing 851-033-BLKSpec Sheet inner/outer 10MHz-18GHz, 200Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0232Outline Drawing 851-046-BLKSpec Sheet inner 30KHz-23GHz, 100Vdc, SMA M/F
med-0232Outline Drawing 851-053-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-10GHz, 100Vdc, SMA M/F
  851-103-BLK inner 10MHz-10GHz, 100Vdc, SMA M/F
  851-104-BLK inner 7KHz-23GHz, SMA M/F
(SMATNC) (50 Ohms)
med-0744Outline Drawing 851-139-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-10GHz, 100Vdc, SMA M/ TNC F
(N/N) (50 Ohms)
med-0373Outline Drawing 852-074-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-2.5GHz, 100Vdc, N M/F
med-0239Outline Drawing 852-047-BLKSpec Sheet inner/outer 400MHz-2500MHz, 1KW, 250 W, N M/F
med-0108Outline Drawing 852-032-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-3000MHz, 50Vdc, N M/F
med-0373Outline Drawing 852-144-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-3000MHz, 200Vdc, N M/F
med-0061Outline Drawing 852-006-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-6000MHz, 100Vdc, N M/F
med-0148Outline Drawing 852-055-BLKSpec Sheet inner 100MHz-10GHz, 300Vdc, N M/F
med-0618Outline Drawing 852-140-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10KHz-18GHz, 100Vdc, N M/F
med-0147Outline Drawing 852-033-BLKSpec Sheet inner/outer 10MHz-18GHz, 200Vdc, N M/F
med-0147Outline Drawing 852-034-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-18GHz, 200Vdc, N M/F
(N/BNC) (50 Ohms)
med-0140Outline Drawing 852-078-BLKSpec Sheet inner 1MHz-2.5GHz, 100mW, N M / BNC F
(TNC/TNC) (50 Ohms)
med-0110Outline Drawing 853-032-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-3GHz, 100Vdc,TNC M / TNC F
(BNC/BNC) (50 Ohms)
med-0135Outline Drawing 854-007-BLKSpec Sheet inner 1MHz-2GHz, 100Vdc,BNC M / BNC F
med-0135Outline Drawing 854-151-BLKSpec Sheet inner 5MHz-1800MHz, 500Vdc,BNC M / BNC F
med-0107Outline Drawing 854-032-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-300MHz, BNC M / BNC F
  854-098-BLK inner .01-4GHz, BNC M / BNC F
  854-123-BLK inner .01-3GHz, BNC M / BNC F
med-0103Outline Drawing 854-124-BLKSpec Sheet inner 150KHz-500MHz, 250Vdc, BNC M / BNC F
(2.9mm/2.9mm) (50 Ohms)
med-0501Outline Drawing 857-105-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-40GHz, 200 Vdc, 2.9mm M / F
(BNC/BNC) (75 Ohms)
med-0103Outline Drawing 879-071-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-2GHz, 100 Vdc, BNC M / F
med-0103Outline Drawing 874-150-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-4GHz, BNC M / F
(F/F) (75 Ohms)
  879-071-BLK inner 10MHz-2GHz, F M / F
med-0463Outline Drawing 879-094-BLKSpec Sheet inner 100MHz-1700MHz, 100 Vdc, F M / F
med-0463Outline Drawing 879-126-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-3000MHz, 50 Vdc, F M / F
(N/N) (75 Ohms)
med-0108Outline Drawing 872-145-BLKSpec Sheet inner 10MHz-1000MHz, 500 Vdc, N M / F

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